About Us

Cen-Tex PRC, Inc. is a private non-profit 501.3(c) organization providing opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Cen-Tex PRC was organized in 1966 by a committed group of parents and workers who believed that people with IDD were remarkable individuals who could learn to lead more independent and dignified lives.  Today, Cen-Tex PRC maintains a focus on ability and potential rather than disability.

Originally Cen-Tex PRC provided "day services" in the form of sheltered employment.  This allowed a family to decide to keep their remarkable individual at home, with Cen-Tex PRC available to not only care for him or her during normal working hours, but to provide vocational training.

At the time, this was a remarkable and rare opportunity for families.

From those early times until the early 1990s, Cen-Tex PRC and Mexia State School community services were closely interwoven, to the point it was hard to distinguish if an employee serving an individual was an employee of MSS or Cen-Tex PRC.

Today, Cen-Tex PRC is a totally independent, non-profit agency serving nearly 500 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in central Texas.

Our mission is to provide Endless Opportunities for remarkable individuals, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to live and work in the community of their choice.

Training Centers located in Mexia (2), Corsicana, Marlin, Waco, and Waxahachie, Texas serve nearly 300 individuals from six central Texas counties.

Cen-Tex PRC Training Centers have contracts with Wilsonart International, Jacobs Trading Company, Tymco, Collin Street Bakery, and other local and national manufacturers.  In addition, Cen-Tex PRC operates Work 'Plus' Boards, producing bulletin boards and erasable marker boards for state agencies and the public.  Cen-Tex PRC also performs enclave work for the Texas Highway Department and Health and Human Services in four counties.  We also have Remarkable individuals working independently in the community, supported by Cen-Tex PRC staff.

ICF/MR Homes-- Eleven group homes (opened in 1996) in Corsicana, Marlin, Mexia, and Waxahachie.  Each group home provides a caring family atmosphere and lots of personal attention for the six individuals who live in each home.  It is a place where those served are taught living skills; money management, cooking, health care, social awareness, and how to use community resources by a skilled staff 24 hours a day.

Home and Community Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL)-- These programs provide many different residential opportunities, including assisted living, foster care, and 3 and 4 bed homes to mentally and physically challenged individuals in central Texas.

A nine (9) member Board of Directors governs Cen-Tex PRC.  The Board of Directors is elected to serve three year terms by the members of the Cen-Tex PRC Association meeting in January of each year.